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Our TownOur Town: Little Compton

Neighbors and friends of Little Compton share the untold stories of their community.

About the Show

Sakonnet Preservation: Little Compton has more than 4,000 acres of land protected from any kind of development. Some of that land has a fascinating history, including East and West Island off the Sakonnet Point coast. Sakonnet Preservation Association President Abigail Brooks brings us this story filmed by her son, Gabriel Long. 

Sakonnet People: Awashonks was a Native American woman and sachem, or chief, of the Sakonnet tribe. She lived where Little Compton is today. Her name actually appears in official records more than any other Native American woman. In this story, we learn more about Awashonks and the other people indigenous to the land, thanks to the Little Compton Historical Society and filmmakers Lily and Cameron Clark.

The Nature Conservancy: The Nature Conservancy is one of the organizations working to ensure Little Compton’s land is protected. Tim Mooney and John Berg share this story of how the Dundery Brook Trail is making nature more accessible for everyone. 

Hoo Hollow’s Horses: Retired racehorses come from all over the country to live out their days on the idyllic farm known as Hoo Hollow. Owners Helena and Buck Harris share this story.

Local Artist: Brenda Wrigley Scott is known for her large acrylic paintings of birds, pets, and landscapes inspired by this seaside town. Alli Shurtleff of Little Compton recorded this interview. 

Historic Cemeteries: Evidence of this country’s oldest history can be found in Little Compton’s many historic cemeteries. The Little Compton Historical Society and filmmakers Lily and Cameron Clark show us what we can learn from the stories buried in the graves. 

Community Center: Historic preservation is often challenging, but the people of Little Compton found a way to save an old building and bring new life into the heart of the town commons. Amy Mooney and Samantha Snow bring us this story.  

Olivia’s Rocks: Olivia Leech was just ten years old when the world shut down at the start of the pandemic. During this period of isolation, she wanted to spread joy and hope to her friends and neighbors, so she created Olivia’s Happy Rocks. Her mom Elka shares her story.

Tree Spree: Little Compton’s Tree Spree signals the start of the Christmas season. For almost three decades, a unique holiday tradition has unfolded. Lifelong resident Caroline Wordell brings us this story, filmed by Travis Snow. 

Land and Beauty: This segment is a look at the quiet and beautiful town of Little Compton set to the 1970 poem "Our Town" by Ian M. Walker. Filmmaker duo Lily and Cameron Clark shared this footage.

Surf Therapy: Gnome Surf provides surf therapy to neurodivergent and non-ambulatory children off the shores of Little Compton. Justin Kenny and Rhode Island PBS Weekly share this story.

United Congregational Church, Little Compton, Rhode Island
United Congregational Church, Little Compton, Rhode Island

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