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Production Services

At WSBE Rhode Island PBS our goal in the production department is to engage the viewer and connect with audiences both emotionally and intellectually. We do that by drawing on our diverse expertise in video production, photography, journalism, marketing, social media, and advertising.

Our ability to produce and help others create impactful content is limitless, ranging from major motion pictures to nationally syndicated programs. We offer unique services by combining our passion for storytelling with our creative pre- and post- production expertise, as well as our outstanding facilities.

For more information about our production services, please contact Kim Keough, Director of Production, at 401-222-3636 x226 or via email.


Kim Keough, Director of Production x226
Barbara Dury, Executive Producer x408
Isabella Jibilian, Associate Producer x403
Tracy MacDonald, Producer x333
James McGuire, Director/Producer x400
Brianna Medina, Associate Producer x399
Abbey Oldham, Producer x225
Cherie O'Rourke, Director/Producer x332
Mike Riley, Producer/Director x278
Maria Saracen, Promotions Producer x242
Scott Saracen, Producer/Director x200
John Smith, Producer x388

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