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Our Town Welcome
Our TownOur Town: Johnston

Neighbors and friends of Johnston share the untold stories of their community.

About the Show

Clemence-Irons House: Step through the front door of this stone-ender and you are transported back to 18th century Johnston! Get a glimpse at how generations of a family lived in this rare surviving home, as we tour the Clemence-Irons House.

Historical Society Museum: The Johnston Historical Society has a barn that contains hundreds of artifacts documenting the town’s history. We get a tour of the museum and learn more about the town’s history and early residents.

King’s Cemetery: One of nearly 100 historical cemeteries in town, King’s Cemetery is the resting place for one of the state’s most prominent families. Find out who they are, and how they made their mark not only on Johnston but the state of Rhode Island.

Snake Den Farm: Farming was one of the first industry here in Johnston that has recently had a resurgence thanks to the folks at Snake Den Farm. Find out more about the farming community of Snake Den Farm.

Wicked Tulips: Who knew there was a pick-your-own tulip farm in Johnston!? Wicked Tulips is one of the farms that is part of the Snake Den Farm community….tiptoe through the beautiful tulips with us as we learn more.

Rhode Island Resource Recovery: Get a behind-the scenes look at one of the most well-known businesses in the town. Find out how the state’s landfill and recycling facility is an important service for all Rhode Islanders.

Johnston Town Hall

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