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Education Services

Rhode Island PBS Education Services provides content and resources to support teaching and learning for educators, students, parents and learners of all ages in our community. Resources leverage high-quality public media content adapted for instructional use, supported by outreach efforts and in-person trainings. In addition, we offer community engagement screenings and events to ensure that we reach our region’s entire diverse audience.

Rhode Island PBS LearningMedia is made possible in part through the generous support of

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Request a Workshop

Free options available for groups of educators, children, caregivers, and families.

Special Resources

PreK - 12 Resources

Adult Basic Education

Rhode Island Adult Basic Education

The Community College of RI and Providence Public Library can connect you to Adult Basic Education and GED opportunities in your community.


Self-paced online GED preparation resources for independent use or with Adult Basic Education programs.

Workplace Essential Skills

Focuses on contextualized, targeted academic skills that help prepare learners for high-demand workplaces.