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Our Town Welcome

For Filmmakers

Our Town is a documentary program that features the people, places, stories, and events of a particular Rhode Island town. There are no restrictions as to age or experience, and no cost or compensation to participate - just enthusiasm and willingness to be part of the project.

Community Meeting

Community members - residents, business owners, school teachers, students, town officials, and other interested parties - are invited to attend a planning meeting to learn more about the Our Town project. The meeting takes place before filming begins.

At the meeting, local residents are able to discuss which landmarks, people, events, and stories the program should include. Town residents are especially urged to participate, but living in the featured town is not mandatory. 

If you are interested in sharing your story: contact Rhode Island PBS at 401-222-3636 or email Producer Ross Lippman at


Questions? Contact Us

Jodi Mesolella
Project Director
401-222-3636 x209

Ross Lippman
401-222-3636 x 413)

Our Town Training Video
OUR TOWN Tripod & Camera Training Video