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Antarctica: Tales from the End of the World
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ANTARCTICA: TALES FROM THE END OF THE WORLD transports viewers on a journey to one of the most remote, inhospitable and surprisingly beautiful locales in the world. Rhode Island PBS presents this documentary on Monday, January 14 at 9 p.m.

The icy continent is home to a fascinating array of creatures. Few humans have traveled here, and the documentary highlights the animal adaptation required to survive such hostile terrain.

The one-hour film begins its journey among the islands of the Southern Ocean, where seals, penguins, seabirds and numerous other animals live and breed. The only way to reach the continent is by traveling over a massive iceberg, but the arduous journey is rewarded with immersive footage of the Emperor Penguins’ sprawling nursery. Despite the cold and a few fierce predators, the penguins thrive in an environment showcased by the documentary’s breathtaking visuals.

The documentary features stunning images, tales of life, death, friendship and family amid the harshest of conditions.

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