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"41" May Change the Way You Think About Life and Death
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This award-winning documentary by Christian de Rezendes and Christian O'Neill tells a remarkable story of The Station nightclub fire's youngest victim, Nicholas O'Neill (Christian O'Neill's brother). It paints a portrait of Nicky's 18 years - packed full in so short a time with prolific writing, composing, acting... and an obsession with the number 41.

But what makes the film so remarkable is the story after the story: what happened - and continues to happen - after the deadly fire took his life on February 20, 2003. Signs are everywhere that Nicky's spirit continues to move among his family and friends. Even strangers.

41 is a story of uplifting hope, insight, and comfort. And it may change the way you think about life and death.

In commemoration of the 15th anniversary of The Station nightclub fire that took Nicky's life, 41 airs Friday, February 16 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, February 18 at midnight on WSBE Learn. 

The worst fire ever in Rhode Island, and the fourth worst nightclub fire in United States history, took 100 lives and injured 230. Although from different backgrounds, ages, and walks of life, the patrons - including Nicky O'Neill - had gathered together at the club because of their common love of music. Also marking the anniversary, Life & Lyrics with Lisa Purcell examines the music that united the patrons, and helped carry the survivors through to healing.

WSBE Learn broadcasts over the air on digital 36.2, and on Cox 808, Verizon FiOS 478, and Full Channel 989. In Massachusetts, Learn can be found on ComCast 294 or 312. Please check your local listings for the exact channel number in your ZIP code.

The 15th anniversary memorial service will be held on Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 1 p.m. at The Station Fire Memorial Park, 211 Cowesett Avenue, West Warwick, RI. For more information and photos of the memorial park, visit the Facebook page or the Website.