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Wonderful World of Baby Animals

Mother and baby seal

Episode 1

Granville the baby rhino may not have a horn yet, but that doesn't stop him from charging at buffalo. Banduka the rare rusty spotted cat learns to stalk for prey in the undergrowth.

Episode 2

Young gorilla Louango is eager to escape his mother and go climbing. Baby alpaca Sprout is training to be an ambassador with small humans.

Episode 3

Twin lambs of the rare Valais Blacknose breed are born. African elephant calf Nusu is growing up fast but cannot quite master all of his various appendages.

Episode 4

Malayan tapir called Megat is beginning to investigate his world with the help of his short trunk. Ostrich chick Oswald performs a whirling dance routine every morning.

Episode 5

Elephant calf Nusu is presented with a new toy. Baby Malayan tapir, Megat, has his first dip in the pool. Some flamingo chicks believe their keeper is their mother.


Following baby animals in their first few months of life, in the ultimate animal soap opera. A world full of drama, love and courage, where baby animals take bold new steps and explore the world around them for the first time.

When to watch

Thursdays at 10 p.m.
Monday at 2 p.m.