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Broadcast Date: April 22, 2021


AYANEH | Directed by: Nicolas Greinacher | 14:09 min. Switzerland, 2019

Set in Switzerland, our story follows Ayaneh, a young refugee from Afghanistan. One day at a public swimming pool she meets Anna and instantly feels attracted to her. As the relationship between the two women develops, Ayaneh is confronted with growing resistance from her religious family.

Go Fish|Kristen Sargent, Director 13 minutes, Australia, 2014

Sam, a 9 year old introvert, struggles to deal with the guilt of his father’s death, his obsession with
fishing and his school bullies. (September 23rd - Show #111)

ONE FOR THE ROAD (O que se Leva) | Directed by: Fernanda Faya | 12 min. United States, 2016

As she moves from Brazil to NY, the filmmaker looks back at her grandma's migration as a way to
find traces of her own identity.

FISH HEAD | Directed by: Marcos Durian | 16 :31 min. United States, 2019

A turbulent Filipino-American coming of stage story which chronicles a young boy's adversity
with childhood, identity and being bullied at school.

Flickers, RI Film & TV Office, Rhode Island International Film Festival
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About the Show

doubleFEATURE showcases the art of the short film and the artists who make them. Each week, in addition to presenting a selection of two or more short films, between the short films, Steve Feinberg, director of the RI Film and Television Office, and George Marshall, executive producer at RIIFF, interview filmmakers and industry professionals.

In partnership with Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) and the Rhode Island Film and Television Office, Rhode Island PBS proudly presents doubleFEATURE, an exceptional opportunity for our viewers to see artistic, original, award-winning short films from a collection of animation, foreign language, documentary, or fiction films each week.