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Are you interested in your perspective being told as a(n) educator, parent, administrator, mental health professional, and more as it relates to education today? Submit a story for “At your… Education Services!” 


  1. Email us at with the subject line “Blog Submission: [your name]”, and give us a snippet of your idea and your credentials. We will contact you with the next steps or some feedback.
  2. Once selected, fulfill the following criteria: 
    • Blog Draft:
      • 700-1200 words
      • Avoid paid and sponsored resources
      • Include images if/when necessary
    • “Meet the Author” bio:
      • Name
      • Pronouns
      • Title, experience
      • Image (optional)
      • Social handles/business contact (optional)
  3. Once the writing is submitted, slight editing occurs.
  4. A finished, edited draft will be sent to you for a final look before posting.
  5. Hooray, your work is published! Share the link with your community and get the recognition you deserve.


Topics we are interested in featuring, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching and learning with Rhode Island PBS resources
  • Teacher shortages
  • Implementing diversity into the curriculum
  • Digital Literacy
  • Teaching post-pandemic
  • Mental health/self-care for students and teachers