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Two Specials About the World's Fastest Growing Disease

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Image - TruthAboutDementia.jpg

Alzheimer's is the fastest growing disease in the world's aging population. Thirty million people around the world suffer from the condition.

In the thought-provoking The Truth About Dementia, presenter Angela Rippon - a prominent campaigner for dementia awareness - investigates the condition that took her mother's life. Visiting the world's foremost research centres, Angela sees for herself how Alzheimer's changes the brain. On her journey, she learns why getting a good night's sleep might help prevent Alzheimer's, what impact learning a new language can have, and how a new drug trial might offer our best hope for a cure. Identifying lifestyle choices that may prevent mental deterioration, The Truth About Dementia shows there is hope for the future.

Rhode Island PBS airs this documentary on Thursday, September 20 at 9 p.m.

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Image - curingalzheimers.jpg

For the last 10 years, billions of dollars have been spent on trying to develop antibodies to vaccinate, or even cure, patients. But all of them have failed - until now.

The search for a cure for Alzheimer's has finally taken a revolutionary step forward. Curing Alzheimer's looks at the promising work on all fronts, from the scientists working on catching the disease at its earliest stages to the researchers working to understand the causes.

Rhode Island PBS will air this documentary on Thursday, September 27 at 9 p.m.