The Rhode Island PBS Foundation


The Rhode Island PBS Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1987 to raise funds and provide support services to Rhode Island PBS. The Rhode Island PBS Foundation provides approximately 58% of the operating budget of Rhode Island PBS. Funds are raised through Rhode Island PBS viewer support, corporate underwriting, auctions and special events.

Board of Directors

Dante Bellini
Board Member
Roger P. Boudreau
Board Member
Dr. Suzanne Costa
Board Member
Meredith A. CurrenBoard Member
Kas R. DeCarvalhoBoard Member
Elizabeth Delude-DixBoard Member
Deborah JacobsonBoard Member
David LavertyBoard Member
James H. Leach
Chairperson/Board Member
Jack Lyle
Board Member
William C. Maaia
Board Member
John PalumboBoard Member
Denise Parent Board Member
David W. Piccerelli
President/ Board Member
Tia Scigulinsky
Secretary/Board Member
Tracy Smith
Treasurer/Board Member


Rhode Island PBS Foundation public documents can be found here.