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Cyberchase is one of the most popular and successful series on PBS Kids, delivering positive messages about STEM by engaging kids in math content through problem solving in fun and exciting adventures.  And there are a range of FREE dynamic instructional resources online, including videos, web games, and print activities, to help teachers integrate Cyberchase content into their elementary math teaching.

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Rhode Island PBS GED Connection

Rhode Island PBS GED Connection

Get information on the GED exam, broadcast schedule and testing and training centers.

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PBS TeacherLine

Flexible, online professional development for PreK-12 educators.

PBS Parents

PBS Parents

A trusted resource that’s filled with information on child development and early learning.

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Prelude to the Revolution
Grades: 9-12

The American Revolution isn't a straight path; it's a complex timeline with twists and turns! Did you know the war didn't start in 1776, but almost a year earlier? 
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Thomas Jefferson
Grades: 3-5

Watch this 60-second video to learn a little more about our third president, Thomas Jefferson. He helped to shape America's future geographical and political landscape with decisions he made in office and with the Founding Fathers. 
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What is Liberty? Lesson Plan
Grades: 4-8

In this lesson plan, your students can discover what the concept of liberty means, how it can be personified in an object, and how the concept of liberty has impacted different groups in America. Explore More