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Future of XYZ

Where are we as a world, and where do we want to go? These are the questions explored in Future of XYZ, a podcast presented by Rhode Island PBS beginning January 2023.

Created by host Lisa Gralnek, Future of XYZ engages today’s innovative leaders in candid conversations about what’s coming down the pipeline on topics related to business, tech, art, science, and humanity broadly.

Through this collaboration between Rhode Island PBS and Ms. Gralnek, the station will release a new episode of Future of XYZ every other Thursday, beginning January 19. Each episode will be available in video format on and audio wherever listeners get their podcasts. 

Future of XYZ with Lisa Gralnek

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On this episode of Future of XYZ, Lisa Gralnek interviews Vanessa Arnedo, Chief of Staff of the Michael J. Fox Foundation about the future of Parkinson's Disease. The second most common neurodegenerative disorder in the world after Alzheimers, Parkinson’s Disease affects approximately one million Americans and over six million people worldwide. With those numbers expected to double by 2040, the mission of the Michael J. Fox Foundation is to accelerate the development of better treatments that help those living with Parkinson’s today AND to find a cure.

About the Host


"Future of XYZ was a long-held idea built on my own innate curiosity about pretty much everything that finally came to light amidst the chaos and quiet of COVID-19 in November 2020,” said Ms. Gralnek. “In quick, 20-minute episodes, we offer a true learning journey based on the unique expertise of each of our guests.”

An expert brand builder and ambitious change-maker, Ms. Gralnek is no stranger to asking those in high positions the big questions. Since 2017, she has served as the principal and founder of New York-based independent strategy consultancy, LVG & Co., where she partners with senior leaders to improve their business. Prior to this position, Ms. Gralnek worked as a corporate strategy and marketing executive at companies including Adidas, Chobani, and The Boston Consulting Group.