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Rhode Island PBS and The Boston Globe are pleased to announce their collaboration on upcoming episodes of The Boston Globe podcast, Rhode Island Report. The weekly podcast features what's bubbling in Rhode Island news.

Listeners to the Rhode Island Report podcast can look forward to periodically hearing voices from Rhode Island PBS’s diverse programming in upcoming episodes.

New episodes are available every Thursday.

September 2023

Imagine studying science or math in a different language. Many English learners in Rhode Island’s public schools face this challenge every day, and their numbers are growing. What is the state doing to help these students succeed? Guest host Dan McGowan talks with RI PBS Weekly reporter Michelle San Miguel and Providence School Board President Erlin Rogel about the issue.

It’s been nearly three months since the RI Department of Transportation shut down the westbound side of the Washington Bridge and it doesn’t look like it’s reopening anytime soon. Our own Steph Machado and Jim Hummel, the host of “A Lively Experiment” on Rhode Island PBS, give us the latest on this debacle. 


For RI restaurants and food businesses, the overall cost of doing business is going up, and the closure of the Washington Bridge that carries Interstate 195 into and out of Providence has made matters worse. How are these companies going to survive? Alexa Gagosz talks with Kate Roberts, the owner of Easy Entertaining in Providence, to see how she’s coping. 

Every year, Rhode Islanders read the same book as a part of the Reading Across Rhode Island program. This year’s selection is Solito- a memoir by Javier Zamora. It tells the true story of Javier’s journey from El Salvador to The United States as an unaccompanied nine-year-old. Javier joins Ed in the studio, along with Maureen Nagle, education chair of Reading Across Rhode Island.

September 2023

It’s easy to assume that giving birth in the US is pretty low-risk. But according to a new documentary, women in America die of pregnancy-related causes at a rate that’s up to 10 times higher than in countries such as Japan, Spain, and Germany. "The Risk of Giving Birth," a three-part series by Rhode Island PBS, digs into the dangers of pregnancy, especially among women of color. We talk to Dr. Pablo Rodriguez, one of the experts featured in an episode on birth-related issues in the Latino community. 

It’s been about a year since Oscar Perez became the new chief of the Providence Police Department — and the first Latino to hold the position. He joins Rhode Island PBS Weekly contributor Steph Machado to talk about community policing, crime trends in the city, and what his appointment means to communities of color. 

Edesia Nutrition, a North Kingstown nonprofit that feeds malnourished children around the globe, got a big boost last year when the Bezos family made a donation worth nearly $140 million. Edesia founder and CEO Navyn Salem joins us to talk about how the money will help them serve many more kids, at a time when war and climate change are threatening children like never before. 

To celebrate Black History Month, we’re joined by Valerie Tutson, the executive director and festival director for Rhode Island Black Storytellers, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the awareness, appreciation, and application of Black storytelling. She talks with Ed about her work, avoiding the trap of ‘trauma stories,’ and training a new generation of storytellers.

September 2023

Rhode-Islanders went to the polls Tuesday in a special election in the First Congressional District and for some local issues as well. What do the results tell us, including Democrat Gabe Amo's landslide win over Republican Gerry Leonard. We’re joined by our own Steph Machado and Jim Hummel, the host of A Lively Experiment on Rhode Island PBS. 

There’s a huge gap between what most of us were taught in school about Native American culture and what’s actually true. "Native America," seeks to explore the complexity that’s not described in our textbooks. We talk to Gary Glassman, the executive producer of the series, and Daniel Golding, the director of the latest episode. 

The Rhode Island General Assembly is reassembling this month; what can we expect from lawmakers in 2024? Guest host Steph Machado sits down with House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi for a preview.

Today is the first day of the 2024 legislative session. So what will lawmakers act on this year — housing, law enforcement accountability, guns, a new courthouse? We get some predictions and analysis from Steph Machado and Jim Hummel.

September 2023

In a crowded field of 11 candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for Congressional District 1, former Biden administration staffer Gabe Amo emerged victorious last night. He is almost certain to become the first person of color to represent Rhode Island in Congress. How did Amo win? What did the pundits get wrong? The Boston Globe's Steph Machado and Jim Hummel, host of “A Lively Experiment,” are here to break down the results. 

If your baby or toddler has developmental disabilities, they qualify for a free program to help them catch up to their peers. You’re supposed to get those services in 45 days. But, here in Rhode Island, the wait is much longer. Steph Machado reported a story about this issue for Rhode Island PBS Weekly. She joins the podcast to talk more about the crisis and what's currently being done to solve it. 

He’s already a Providence folk-rock singer, songwriter, and Brown University senior. Now Chance Emerson can add tech startup founder to his resume. With his platform ForeverFan, he’s helping independent musicians like himself communicate with their fans. Chance, a recent guest on "Ocean State Sessions," joins guest host Alexa Gagosz to talk music, college, and what’s next. 

The United States is facing a children’s mental health crisis, according to the American Psychological Association. The Providence nonprofit Turning the Corner is helping to address this issue by offering services to kids in the custody of the state Department of Children, Youth & Families, many of whom were removed from their homes for safety or behavioral reasons. The Rev. Lauri Smalls, the executive director of Turning the Corner, joins us to talk about her work and the need for more funding. 

July/August 2023

On days that are too rainy for the beach, you could check out some of the hundreds of museums in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. A conversation with Jim Karpeichik, co-producer of “Treasures Inside the Museum.”

In a special collaboration between Future of XYZ and Rhode Island Report, we bring you a conversation with David Hardy, the CEO of Ørsted North America.

The Boston Globe reporter and Rhode Island PBS contributor Steph Machado and Jim Hummel join the podcast to give us their analysis on the primary for the First Congressional District race.

Pamela Watts from Rhode Island PBS Weekly and Gage Prentiss, the creator of the Bannister sculpture, join the show to talk about Bannister's place in Providence history and why it's important to acknowledge his life and work. 

May/June 2023

Rhode Island PBS Weekly producer Michelle San Miguel and Brown Professor Erica Walker join the Rhode Island Report podcast to talk about Walker's project examining which Providence neighborhoods are the loudest.

Jim Hummel from A Lively Experiment and Ed Fitzpatrick from The Boston Globe speak with US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, the former Rhode Island Governor.

Kiara Butler, the host of Generation Rising, says she’s seen a waning commitment to racial equity work. But she's not giving up. In her new book, "Terms and Conditions," she offers a framework for moving forward.

March/April 2023

Listen in as Maria Lawton, Maria's Portuguese Table, teaches Brian Amaral, Globe RI, how to make “ovos com molho de tomate e cebola” or eggs with tomato and onion sauce. 

Host of A Lively Experiment, Jim Hummel, and Brown University political science Professor Wendy Schiller join host Ed Fitzpatrick in discussing US Representative Cicilline's replacement.

Rhode Island PBS Weekly producer Isabella Jibilian recently explored how residents without housing often use hospitals as a safe, warm place to stay, especially during the winter. She joins state Senator Josh Miller, who’s been arguing that Rhode Island should use Medicaid funds to provide housing.

January/February 2023

Providence College political science professor Tony Affigne and “A  Lively Experiment” host Jim Hummel offer a preview and some analysis of the upcoming legislative session.

Jim Hummel, host of A Lively Experiment, and Globe RI columnist Dan McGowan offer some analysis regarding Representative David Cicilline's surprise announcement.

November/December 2022

Tracy MacDonald, Executive Producer of Art inc., spoke with host Ed Fitzpatrick, about the diverse cast of artists who call the state home.

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Rhode Island Report, Live: Celebrating Civic Leadership

To celebrate the 100th episode of Rhode Island Report, podcast host and political reporter Ed Fitzpatrick and Story in the Public Square's Jim Ludes sat down in front of a live audience at Rhode Island PBS studios to discuss the big topics facing the state. Special guests included House Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi, Senate President Dominic Ruggerio, and Brown University Professor Wendy Schiller.