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Rhode Island PBS and The Boston Globe are pleased to announce their collaboration on upcoming episodes of The Boston Globe podcast, Rhode Island Report. The weekly podcast features what's bubbling in Rhode Island news.

Listeners to the Rhode Island Report podcast can look forward to periodically hearing voices from Rhode Island PBS’s diverse programming in upcoming episodes.

New episodes are available every Thursday.

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Most of Rhode Island’s houses were built before lead paint was banned in 1978. That means chipping paint can expose residents - especially young children - to lead poisoning. The rates of this poisoning went up while children were stuck at home during the pandemic. And Central Falls was among the hardest-hit communities.  To talk about this problem, Rhode Island PBS Weekly host/reporter Michelle San Miguel joins Central Falls Mayor Maria Rivera and host Ed Fitzpatrick on this week’s Rhode Island Report.

This week marks the start of the 2023 legislative session. What can we expect from Rhode Island lawmakers this year? Providence College political science professor Tony Affigne and “A  Lively Experiment” host Jim Hummel offer a preview and some analysis of the upcoming legislative session on Rhode Island Report from The Boston Globe. 

What is art? There’s no shortage of artists in Rhode Island. Our state is home to Rhode Island School of Design and Providence calls itself the Creative Capital. But how do we define art? And how are local creators defining art for themselves? Tracy MacDonald, Executive Producer of Art INC., spoke with Ed Fitzpatrick, host of The Rhode Island Report, about the diverse cast of artists who call the state home.

This week on Rhode Island Report from The Boston Globe, host Ed Fitpatrick chats with Steven Feinberg, host of doubleFEATURE. They talk about how Steven got into the film industry, how he brings TV and film productions to Rhode Island, the interesting guests he interviews on doubleFEATURE, plus a look behind the scenes at Ed and Steven's favorite holiday film. 

On this episode of The Boston Globe's Rhode Island Report, host Ed Fitzpatrick interviews Rhode Island PBS Weekly's Senior Producer Justin Kenny and freelance journalist Alli-Michelle Conti about their profile of the Kreshchuks, a family of Ukrainian musicians who relocated to East Providence. 

On this week’s episode of The Boston Globe’s Rhode Island Report podcast, Jim Hummel, host of A Lively Experiment, joins Ed Fitzpatrick and Dan McGowan to dissect the 2022 Rhode Island election results.

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