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Animal Talk

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Whether you’re already a pet parent or you’re looking to become one, Animal Talk provides tips about adoption, health, training, and all the important considerations that come with owning a pet. Hosted by Karen Kalunian, animal lover and advocate, the series also explores the importance of animal shelters and the abundance of opportunities for pet adoptions.

Animal Talk is a digital-only series of 26 short videos discussing pet ownership and adoption tips – and features plenty of cute furry and feathered critters. Karen’s human guests include local vets and pet care professionals, and staff and volunteers at area shelters.

ABOUT OUR HOST – Karen Kalunian

Karen has always had a love for animals. As a child, she had just about every type of animal imaginable from hamsters, fish, birds and snakes, to cats, dogs and rabbits! Over the past 10 years, Karen has been involved with animal rescue at many local shelters in RI. In addition, she photographs adoptable shelter animals across RI and writes a fun, moving story about them in the hopes of finding loving forever homes. As a former Mrs. Rhode Island America and a long time dedicated volunteer to many causes, Karen is aware of the need to help the voiceless and encourages others to volunteer or help in whatever way they can, too.

“Helping animals along their journey is the greatest feeling in the world and to know I have played a small part in changing lives for the better makes all the hard work worth it!”

- Karen Kalunian

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Animal Talk explores the realities of animal care and pet ownership

karen's story

Meet Animal Talk host Karen Kalunian.