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Welcome to Camp TV, a summer broadcast series for kids ages 5-10 that blends day camp and learning into one hour of playful fun.

Camp TV is hosted by head counselor Zach (played by Broadway performer Zachary Noah Piser), who guides campers as they learn through play.

Head counselor Zach kicks off each episode with a welcome song and announces the day’s theme: silly hat day, camping day, rhyme day, silly sock day, backwards day and more.

Zach will then guide campers through a variety of learning experiences — exploring nature, math, science, the arts, movement, storytelling, writing and more. For example, kids will learn about surface tension while making bouncing bubbles and discover shapes while creating a flying origami star.

Other hands-on creative activities will include learning how to do magic tricks, turn sneakers into tap shoes, create an oboe from a straw and make guacamole.

Children meet all kinds of animals, too, from a playful bearcat to chickens who like classical music, and including an up-close visit with newborn baby sloth Beany and mom Fiona in a segment Rhode Island PBS produced with Roger Williams Park Zoo (Ep. 16). In two visits filmed at Save The Bay’s lab in Newport, children discover Narragansett Bay’s “Food Web” ecosystem (Ep. 20), and learn about ocean acidification (Ep. 19). Every episode of Camp TV also includes a storytelling segment that features a different book of the day.

WSBE Rhode Island PBS

It's Camp TV for Summer Fun on Rhode Island PBS

Supplement each episode with this array of fun activities and resources from PBS LearningMedia.

WSBE Rhode Island PBS

CAMP-TV: Meet Baby Beany the Sloth - Rhode Island PBS

This short film, created for CAMP-TV by WSBE Rhode Island PBS, visits Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence to meet Beany the sloth, the newest addition to the family. Zookeeper Jen introduces the habitat, diet, activity (or not) of the sloth.

WSBE Rhode Island PBS

CAMP-TV: Ocean Acidification - Rhode Island PBS

In this short film, created for CAMP-TV by WSBE Rhode Island PBS, Save The Bay environmental educator Adam demonstrates different pH levels through colors of base, neutral, and acid water, then demonstrates the potential effects of rising acidification of our oceans.

WSBE Rhode Island PBS

Camp-TV: Food Webs - Rhode Island PBS

In this short film, created for CAMP-TV by WSBE Rhode Island PBS, we visit Save The Bay in Providence to discover "Food Webs" - the balanced network of plants and animals in the ecosystem. Environmental educator Jeannine takes us through the branching interdependencies, and the importance of each contributor.


Episode 1: Crazy Hat Day
Learn to step dance, do magic tricks; make bouncing bubbles and a flying origami star.

Episode 2: Song Day
Make scary sounds and an oboe from a straw, sing, see leaf cutter ants in action.

Episode 3: Camping Day
Meet a bearcat, partner juggle, make guacamole, explore stars and flowers.

Episode 4: Rhyme Day
Learn about pollinators and play writing, try tap dancing and body percussion, meet Nigerian goats.

Episode 5: Silly Sock Day
Meet snake Julius Squeezer, regrow a pineapple, make a book, read a book – Fox in Socks.

Episode 6: Backward Day
Meet a tarantula, go gaga over graphs, make parachute cups, learn about palindromes.

Episode 7: Heroes Day
Make a hovercraft and a friendship bracelet, meet a scorpion, play Rock 'n' Roll Bingo.

Episode 8: Beach Day
Make boats that float, be a clown, dance like river creatures, go on a treasure hunt.

Episode 9: Cooking Day
Make a frozen banana penguin, meet a skink, empty a ketchup bottle with centripetal force.

Episode 10: Space Day
Make a catapult, a space station, and shadow puppets; watch hippos race in the Zoolympics, and play body percussion.

Episode 11: My Future Self Day
Make maracas and ice cream, meet sea lions and Frida Kahlo

Episode 12: Pets Day
Make a glovaphone and a flower crown, meet Monty the ball python, learn African dance.

Episode 13: Pajama Day
Play "Four Corners," make a dream-catcher, listen to a glass harmonica, avoid poison ivy.

Episode 14: Not Really My Birthday Day
Make water bend, a paper bag puppet, a birthday crown, and cookies; write a song.

Episode 15: Dance Party Day
Visit distant planets, do an opposite dance, make a relief sculpture with clay, watch ducklings leap from a treetop nest.

Episode 16: Musical Instrument Day
Visit Roger Williams Park Zoo to meet newborn sloth, Beany. Also, make an airplane, a tambourine, and plastic string; play a magic carpet game.

Episode 17: Disguise Day
Dress up in disguise, write a message with invisible ink, watch bush babies and jellyfish, add ornaments to your singing.

Episode 18: Favorite Character Day
Meet a porcupine, learn summer words in sign language and why Pluto isn’t a planet.

Episode 19: Favorite Color Day
Meet an opossum, speak-sing, blend colors, learn about dinosaurs and robots; visit Save The Bay to learn about ocean acidification; paint with mud.

Episode 20: Favorite Season Day
Learn about animal adaptations, rockets, and discover food webs in a visit to Save The Bay; go night bugging.