Specials for Thanksgiving through December 7 (and beyond)
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Tis the season! We are introducing great musical and self-help specials for you as part of our year-end fund raising drive. Check the dates and times below for these delightful shows and start your December in good spirits.

For descriptions of the shows, visit our website.

November 24

    1:30pm    Brain Body Mind Connection with Dr. Rudy Tanzi            
    3:00pm    Chet Atkins: Certified Guitar Players            
    4:30pm    Healthy Brain - Happy Life with Dr. Suzuki            
    6:00pm    Celtic Woman: Ancient Land            
    8:00pm    Peter, Paul And Mary At Newport             
    9:30pm    Joe Bonamassa Live From The Royal Albert Hall            
November 25

    2:00pm    Christmas with Daniel O'Donnell             
    3:00pm    Rhythm Of The Dance             
    4:30pm    Sarah Brightman: Hymn             
    6:00pm    Super Woman Rx With Dr. Taz            
    8:00pm    Neil Diamond: Hot August Night            
    9:30pm    Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 
For descriptions of the shows, visit our website.           
November 26

    8:00pm    Nature Snow Bears             
    9:30pm    Donny Osmond: One Night Only!             
November 28

    8:00pm    Engelbert Humperdinck In Hawaii            
    9:30pm    Wake Of '38            
November 29

    8:00pm    Aging Backwards 2 With Miranda Esmonde-White            
    9:00pm    Tenors-Fan Favorites            
    10:30pm   Rick Steves' Delicious Europe  
For descriptions of the shows, visit our website.         
November 30

    8:00pm    Mannheim Steamroller 30/40 Live            
    9:00pm    Paul Simon's Concert In The Park            
December 1

    1:30pm    Ethan Bortnick: Generations Of Music            
    3:00pm    Suze Orman's Financial Solutions            
    5:00pm    Super Woman Rx With Dr. Taz            
    7:00pm    Cat's Attic - Yusuf Cat Stevens            
    8:30pm    Rhythm Of The Dance            
    10:00pm   Mannheim Steamroller 30/40 Live            
December 2

    2:00pm    Easy Yoga: The Secret To Strength            
    3:00pm    Mannheim Steamroller 30/40 Live            
    4:00pm    Peter, Paul And Mary At Newport            
    5:30pm    Hanukkah: A Festival Of Delights            
    7:00pm    Engelbert Humperdinck In Hawaii            
    8:30pm    70s Soul Superstars (My Music)   
For descriptions of the shows, visit our website.        
December 3

    7:30pm     Neil Diamond: Hot August Night            
    9:00pm     Celtic Woman: Ancient Land            
December 5

    8:00pm     Sinatra In Japan             
    9:30pm     Ken Burns: The Civil War            
December 6

    7:30pm     Sinatra In Concert At Royal Festival            
    9:00pm     Carpenters: Close To You & Christmas Memories
For descriptions of the shows, visit our website.            
December 7

    8:00pm     Rick Steves Special European Festivals             
    9:30pm     Healing Mind With Dr. Martin Ross