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CNBC Ceases Production of Nightly Business Report
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CNBC, the producers of Nightly Business Report, announced they will cease production of NBR at the end of the year. The final episode will air Friday, December 27, 2019.  

Nightly Business Report on PBS has been television’s longest-running business newscast, having premiered as a Miami regional program on January 22, 1979. The program has had a number of owners over the years, with CNBC acquiring the PBS program in February 2013 and moving production of the show to its Englewood Cliffs, N.J. world headquarters.

For decades NBR was co-anchored from the Miami studios of WPBT, NBR’s founding PBS sponsor and produced under the direction of Linda O’Bryon, WPBT’s news director at the time, with Paul Kangas as the original anchor. 

The series launched on public television stations nationwide through APT, with each station paying a portion of the program’s costs. For a time in the early 2000s, PBS provided partial funding and distribution for the series as a part of the PBS National Program Service.  

In 2013, CNBC bought the series and provided the necessary financial and editorial support to continue delivering the show for the past six years fully-funded through APT Exchange.

That brings us to today’s award-winning program with co-anchors Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera, presented by WETA in Washington.

From a statement delivered to public television stations by WETA, "Our thanks go to Cynthia Fenneman, Shawn Halford and the entire staff at APT for their dedicated support of NBR over the years,and especially to the production team at CNBC who have steadfastly delivered the daily program for close to a decade."

Rhode Island PBS has aired Nightly Business Report for more than a decade. The series has aired on public television for 40 years.

Thank you for watching Nightly Business Report with us for all these years.


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