It's A Heated Thanksgiving!
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TitleA Heated! Thanksgiving
Original PostNov 1, 2019
Premiere BroadcastNov. 20 at 8 p.m.
Update Broadcast InfoNov. 24 at 4 p.m.; Nov 27 at 1 p.m.

Brine or baste?

Stuffed or unstuffed?

Low and long? Or hot and fast?

Chef Nick Rabar and friends debate these and other cooking queries on Rhode Island PBS in A Heated! Thanksgiving – you know how the holidays can be!

Back in September, Rhode Island PBS premiered Heated! a fast and fun romp across New England in a quest for the best doughnut. Chef Rabar and his food friends had plenty to say about favorite varieties, textures, what to drink with the treat – even how to spell the word – and talk got, well… Heated!

Now, Chef Rabar gathers together members of the original cast for A Heated! Thanksgiving. See Nick withformer New England Patriot Kerry Taylor, editor of Edible Rhody magazine Genie McPherson Trevor, and Rhode Island PBS director of production Kim Keough discuss holiday fare in the studio – and there will be plenty of opinions going around this table. Plus, collect custom recipes and cooking tips to try at home.

In addition, as part of the holiday fundraising drive, viewers who donate to Rhode Island PBS can choose from a variety of ‘thank you‘ gifts, from laminated recipe cards, to Nick Rabar’s two novels, to a gift card for Avenue N American Kitchen, and more.

A Heated! Thanksgiving will have viewers so prepared for the holiday, everything else will be gravy.

This special also features the original full episode ofHeated!

You “dough-nut” wanna miss this…