Hope, Healing, and the Insurmountable Power of Forgiveness: EVA: A-7063
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It takes a special heart to forgive the firsthand atrocities of the Holocaust.

The singular life of Eva Mozes Kor cannot be described in simple terms, but it is, without a doubt, an inspirational story of courage, resilience, and fearless compassion in the face of unspeakable evil. Separated from her family at the age of 10, Eva fought for survival in the concentration camps of Auschwitz with her twin sister Miriam. They were tortured physically and psychologically as test subjects, forced to endure the horrific experiments of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. And after years of torment and pain following her liberation, she began to do the unthinkable — turning her traumatic, dehumanizing experience into a message of healing, self-empowerment, and forgiveness.

EVA: A-7063 follows Eva’s mission to impart hard-won wisdom upon the generations to come. As the 4-foot-9, 85-year-old circles the globe, she addresses global atrocities and some of the biggest problems facing the youth of today. Narrated by actor Ed Asner, the film explores the later years of Eva’s life before her passing in July of 2019.

EVA: A-7063 airs on April 29 at 1 p.m.

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