Secret Life of DogsSecret Life of Dogs

Secret Life of DogsSecret Life of Dogs Revealing new insights into the way dogs understand us, love us, and in some cases, can dramatically save or enhance our lives, this episode uncovers the true success of their species - our mutually beneficial relationship. Following a puppy from birth to motherhood, we learn how dogs are transformed from being born blind and deaf into highly sophisticated animals.

Secret Life of DogsSecret Life of DogsMan's Best Friend

Through their extraordinary powers to read our emotions, take our perspective, and exceed our physical ability, dogs have been able to join us in all walks of life - truly earning the name man's best friend.

Secret Life of DogsSecret Life of DogsWorking Like a Dog

The unparalleled cooperation between humans and dogs has led to some of the most remarkable partnerships on earth, from sheepdogs to guide dogs.


Secret Life of DogsSecret Life of Dogs

We Are Family

Dogs share over 99% of their DNA with the grey wolf, and yet over time several key features have emerged to mark them apart - most importantly the incredible bonds they can form with us. As the world's first domesticated animal, we've spent longer around our canine companions than the wheel, and as such they hold a special place in cultures around the world; in fact new science is revealing how even looking into your dogs' eyes releases love hormones in us both.

Monday and Thursday at 9pm

How much do we know about our four-legged friends and where they came from? Dogs are the most diverse species of mammal on the planet - there are an incredible 340 breeds each with their own distinctive appearance, character, and super-power. In this series, we discover that all 340 breeds fall into three very characterful and distinctive dog tribes: the guardians, the workers, and the companions. Martin Clunes narrates.