I'll Have What Phil's Having

I'll Have What Phil's HavingI'll Have What Phil's Having

I’LL HAVE WHAT PHIL’S HAVING invites audiences to join an international culinary exploration with Phil Rosenthal, creator of the TV hit EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, and one of Hollywood’s funniest producers. This six-part series follows host Rosenthal as he explores culinary capitals of the world and dines on regional specialties, all while pushing the boundaries of his palate – and the viewer’s – in his funny, unforgettable travels. In his search for the best of a city’s specialty, or one of its most unusual cuisines, Rosenthal entertains the audience while making connections all over the world.

In I’LL HAVE WHAT PHIL’S HAVING, Rosenthal sets his sights on kitchens both on and off the well-worn gastronomic path, where he meets those who are keeping traditions alive and creating new ones. Viewers travel with him from Hong Kong to Barcelona, from Paris to Tokyo, and from a three-star Michelin restaurant in an Italian palazzo to a Los Angeles bakery training former gang members.

Rosenthal is a food enthusiast, but as he was growing up, he was not exposed to any adventurous eating. Rosenthal says, “My mother was not a fantastic cook. Our oven had a setting for ‘shoe.’ But I’ve always loved family, food, travel, and humor. That’s how I connect with people. I'm not your typical adventurer. So, I’m hoping folks will look at a nebbish like me exploring the world and trying new things and say, ‘If that guy can go outside, maybe I can, too.’”

I'll Have What Phil's Having airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on WSBE Learn.

Flickers "Double Feature"

Fickers "Double Feature"Fickers "Double Feature"Presented by the Rhode Island International Film Festival" showcases a dynamic collection of short films, documentaries and animations recently presented at Rhode Island International Film Festivals. These award winners and audience favorites will be accompanied by interviews with filmmakers and industry experts.

 Flickers "Double Feature" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on WSBE Learn.


Genius by Stephen Hawking

Genius by Stephen HawkingGenius by Stephen Hawking

World-famous scientist Stephen Hawking sets a series of fun physical and mental challenges for three ordinary people. Can they think like a genius? This is a show where as you watch you realize you actually understand concepts that you never thought you would. In this mind-bending episode: Can three volunteers work out if time travel is possible?

Hawking leads us on a fascinating journey of discovery, featuring DeLoreans, clocks, a giant black hole and a large swathe of New York City. It seems as if nothing is beyond his imagination. Without any mathematics or equations, he effortlessly manages to get three non-scientists to grasp 4 dimensional space and time travel.

Along the way, Genius also explains how the great minds of history reached their conclusions about the nature of the universe. We travel around the world to find out how these breakthroughs were made, and how important they still are, according to the world’s top thinkers.

Finally a devastating realisation lands, and the team have their minds blown in a way they were never expecting.

This is a whole new kind of science show, interactive, fun and engaging, hosted by the ever remarkable and inspiring figure that is Professor Stephen Hawking.

The 6-part Genius by Stephen Hawking airs Thursdays at 10 p.m.on WSBE Learn.

The Greeks

They were an extraordinary people born of white rock and blue sea. They invented democracy, distilled logic and reason, wrote plays to plumb the deepest recesses of the soul, and captured the perfection of the human form in athletics and art. Quite simply, the Greeks created our world.

Today, of course, Greece conjures very different images: civic unrest, financial meltdowns, long ATM lines. But as its ancient history attests, strife and discord are often incubators for greatness. From their beginnings as hunter-gatherers in harsh, unforgiving landscapes; to surviving the worst collapse in human history; to facing off against the greatest empire the world had ever known, the Greeks would have to overcome incredible odds to pave the way for the modern West.

In National Geographic's landmark event series The Greeks, historians and archaeologists, actors and athletes, scientists and artists launch a groundbreaking exploration into the ancient Greeks' journey - not just to better understand their past, but to discover how their legacy illuminates our present, and will shape our future. The story of the Greeks is the story of us.

The Greeks airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. beginning January 19 on WSBE LEARN.


The Best of The Joy of Painting

The Joy of PaintingThe Joy of PaintingThe late Bob Ross delights and encourages the painting hobbyist. The soft-spoken Ross paints natural scenes, including his trademark "happy" clouds, mountains and trees, while soothingly offering words of encouragement to those painting at home.

The Best of The Joy of Painting airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on WSBE Learn.

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