World Dancesport GrandSlam Series (Tuesdays at 9pm)

This 6-part series attracts the world's best dancers to compete for the most prestigious titles and the most prize money in the world of dance. It covers both the Latin and Standard competitions of the last two regular legs of the series - held in Stuttgart, Germany, and Moscow, Russia respectively - plus the GrandSlam Finals in Shanghai in December. World Dancesport GrandSlam SeriesWorld Dancesport GrandSlam Series

The first 4 episodes will focus on the decisive semi-finals and finals in both Latin and Standard with an up-close-and-personal look at the contestants. The GrandSlam competition uses a revolutionary judging system where the judges no longer compare one couple with the others on the dance floor. Rather, they focus on each couple individually and award points on an absolute scale for the quality of dancing. Combining athleticism and artistry, the 12 best dance couples perform Latin and Standard styles of dance, from the samba, cha cha cha, rumba and paso doble to the waltz, tango, slow foxtrot and quickstep-all in the hopes of being crowned GrandSlam Champion.


Time Scanners (Thursdays at 9pm)

How do the past’s greatest buildings measure up in the 21st century? With cutting-edge technology that can “read” buildings, ruins and landscapes from ancient worlds, this series reveals physical and forensic history, allowing viewers to reach out and touch the past, gain a brand new perspective on these iconic engineering creations, and, for the first time, discover the hidden keys to their construction. Time ScannersTime Scanners

Leading the team on these ground-breaking missions is one of the world’s finest structural engineers and a master of the modern building world, Steve Burrows, who has created iconic structures like the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing.

Egyptian Pyramids -  The team travel to Egypt to scan the pyramids — the tombs of the mighty Pharaohs. They want to find out how these structures evolved from simple mud-brick mounds to the most impressive buildings in the ancient world. They use cutting-edge laser technology to scan Djoser’s Step Pyramid at Saqqara, Meidum’s collapsed pyramid, the mysterious Bent Pyramid at Dashur and the world famous Great Pyramid at Giza.

St. Paul's Cathedral - Structural engineer Steve Burrows takes his team of laser-scanning experts to St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of London. They venture inside the majestic dome to explore its ground-breaking 3-part structure, they discover how the cathedral’s architect Sir Christopher Wren overcame unstable foundations and immense structural forces to support his dome and they investigate how the cathedral survived a direct hit by a German bomb during the London Blitz. The laser scans produce genuine revelations and give the team new insight into this iconic architectural masterpiece.

Petra - Steve Burrows and his team travel to Jordan in the Middle East, to scan the ancient desert city of Petra. Using cutting-edge 3D laser-scanning technology he wants to discover its construction secrets and shed new light on this architectural wonderland that was lost to the West for more than 1,000 years. 


Merle Travis: Guitar Man  (Sunday, October 16 at 11pm) - From humble beginnings - raised in the Western Kentucky coalfields during the Great Depression, in a home without running water or electricity - songwriter and guitarist Merle Travis grew to worldwide stardom by the 1940s and 1950s. Today he is one of country music's most celebrated stylistic pioneers. His life story and his musical legacy are the focus of the new documentary, "Merle Travis: Guitar Man." Perhaps best recognized as the original balladeer of the classic "Sixteen Tons" as well as hits like "Nine Pound Hammer" and "Dark as a Dungeon" - which all drew inspiration from the struggles of coal miners - Travis, who died in 1983, is also celebrated as the developer of a unique thumb-picking guitar-playing style eventually dubbed "Travis pickin.'""He was a colorful character and he brought his culture with him to the table of country music, and to the table of American music, and that's what made it so rich and so beautiful," said musician Marty Stuart, who, along with several other country music luminaries - including Merle Haggard and Barbara Mandrell - appear in the documentary to credit Travis's pivotal role in the evolution of American country music. "

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