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Rhode Island Classroom #3

New Hope for a High School Diploma

Resilient Kids – Yoga & Mindful Practice

Leads to Success in the Classroom

Margie O’Brien introduces Resilient Kids, an independent, secular program brought to

inner city schools in Rhode Island that is teaching students tools to cope and deal with life’s

challenges. Innovative and adaptive Yoga and Mindful Practice are two of the approaches

used in helping to empower students and increase self esteem and awareness. Margie visits three different elementary schools and talks with students, teachers and school officials who have embraced this practice wholeheartedly. Kids “love their yoga” and have learned how to “take deep breaths in a difficult situation to calm down.” Teachers love the universal language Resilient Kids has brought to their classroom and the peace it has created.

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Resilient Kids

Standing Out On Your College Application

and Footing the Bill for College

And lastly, it’s that time of year when high school seniors are eagerly awaiting news

from colleges. What makes a student stand out on the application – the GPA, SAT

score, or is it the all-important essay? And with the acceptance letter comes the bill.

With soaring costs, how does a family afford a college tuition? Margie asks a panel

of experts about the best route to get into college and pay for it. Panelists are Ann-Marie

Flaherty, a guidance counselor at East Greenwich High School; Cynthia Bonn, Dean of

Admissions for University of Rhode Island; and Catherine Capolupoas, vice-president

of enrollment management at Roger Williams University.


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Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority

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In this segment, host Margie O’Brien educates viewers about the changes to the GED testing. As of January 1, 2014, the test to receive a high school diploma will be more challenging and more expensive to take. Tune in to see how area students are getting help to prepare for the new GED.

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