White House ChronicleWhite House Chronicle

White House Chronicle – Is a 30-minute civilized commentary and discussion of national news and public affairs taped and produced at WSBE – Rhode Island PBS. Llewellyn King is the creator, executive producer and host of White House Chronicle, which airs nationwide on more than 200 PBS and public, educational and governmental access stations; and worldwide on Voice of America Television.

Llewellyn KingLlewellyn KingAbout Llewellyn King:

Mr. King is a world renown journalist and writes a weekly column for the Hearst-New York Times Syndicate and is a regular commentator on The Midday Briefing with Tim Farley.

Mr. King’s career in journalism began in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, where he was hired at age 16 as a foreign correspondent for Time magazine. He also reported from Africa for London's Daily Express and News Chronicle and United Press.

Moving to London in 1959, King worked as an executive for The Daily Mirror Group, a reporter for Associated Newspapers, and a news writer for BBC and ITN.

After moving to the United States, King worked as an editor and reporter for The New York Herald Tribune,The Baltimore News-American, The Washington Daily News and The Washington Post.