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This edition of RI Classroom looks at the role of technology in our schools; the importance of teaching financial literacy; anxiety among our students and how to recognize it; and we hop on th C-SPAN bus as it makes a stop in the Ocean State.

Technology in Schools 

In this segment we explore the role technology plays in elementary education. Deb Ramm is the Instructional Technology Coordinator for the Johnston Public Schools. She supports teachers and students in her district and beyond, as they integrated technology into the classroom. Ramm explains what “blended learning” is, how best to implement it, and how she supports students and teachers as they switch over to full technology integrations. We also ask her is too much tech in the classroom a bad thing?  Tune in for her answer.

Financial Literacy

What is financial literacy and why is it so important to teach our children the fundamentals of finance? This segment explores those questions with the help of a personal finance teacher at East Greenwich High School, as well as an expert at Bank of America. Find out how needs and wants are the foundation for financial literacy. We explore the impact of teaching high school students about spending, saving, and investing, and how these courses have changed teaching standards in Rhode Island.


Anxiety is the number one reason parents seek professional help for their children. It is also the main cause of depression in teens. Anxiety in our children is quickly becoming a problem of epidemic proportions. We sat down with national expert on anxiety Lynn Lyons, who explains the different levels of anxiety, how to recognize it in your own children, and the steps to take to prevent anxiety from taking hold of your child and your entire family. Lynn has counseled families and students, and coached social workers and administrators in best practices for nearly 30 years.


The cable network C-SPAN has a mobile newsroom in a large luxury motor coach that travels across the country teaching students and the public about our government and government affairs. The C-SPAN 50 Capitals Tour coincides with the C-SPAN Bus program’s 25th anniversary. During C-SPAN’s October visits to Providence and Jamestown, Rhode Island Classroom hopped aboard with local children to learn more. 

Story Update

In a follow-up segment to the story about PlayWorks New England and Recess Rocks, we travel to Woonsocket where Governor Raimondo proclaimed “recess day” in Rhode Island. At the same time, Playworks and Recess Rocks were there to talk again about the importance of structured play at recess to promote children’s social and emotional wellness.


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