Broadcast Date: January 16, 2020

Miss Todd | Directed by: Kristina Yee | 13 min. United Kingdom, 2013 "Miss Todd" is the story of one young woman who dreams of flight in 1909, just as the whole of mankind is learning how to fly. Her passion is tireless, but in this era, she has more than gravity holding her down. The story is inspired by the real historical figure of Miss E. Lilian Todd, who is credited by the New York Times as the first woman in the world to build and design an airplane.

Interview: Steven Feinberg interviews Alexia Kosmidor (27 min.)

The Showreel | Directed by: Keir Burrows, | 16 min. United Kingdom, 2014 Nasreen is an immigrant office cleaner, working in London, who dreams of being a screen actor. Lacking the contacts or support to realize her ambitions, she creates extravagant characters for herself to play - zombie hunters, punk rockers, high-powered bankers - and imagines film crews are on every street corner and real people are just extras, and heads off on an action adventure with the most extraordinary results.


Broadcast Date: January 23, 2020

The Discontentment of Ed Telfair | Directed by: Daniel Campbell | 18min, USA, 2013

Ed Telf air is a mundane middle-aged man who's dealing with insecurities in his life until he decides to take matters into his own hands.

The Haircut |Directed by: Alexis Ostrander Korycinski| 14 min. USA, 2014

It's 1976 and petite 18-year-old Amy is among the first class of female cadets accepted into military service academies. Under incredible emotional and physical strain, Amy struggles to survive her first day, battling vicious sexism, swallowing self-doubt, and fighting to prove she has what it takes.

Hale | Directed by: Brad Bailey | 23 min. USA, 2017

Hale Zukas, 73, has had cerebral palsy since birth. He attended the University of California at Berkeley during the height of the Free Speech Movement. Hale is a math major, and fluent in Russian. He was one of the founding members of the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, the first group of its kind in the world dedicated to advocate for the rights of disabled people. He worked with Ed Roberts and Judy Heumann for many years, and was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to serve on the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board in Washington. Hale was instrumental in shaping the B.A.R.T Accessibility Task Force to assist San Francisco Bay Area transit riders in gaining public access to transit systems. In 2012, a permanent plaque was placed in his honor at the Ashby rail station in Berkeley. Berkeley is the birthplace of the disability movement, and the work started by Hale and others in the 1970's forever changed how the world looks at disability. Today, he continues to advocate for disability rights worldwide. This film chronicles the current life and history of a disability rights pioneer. We also explore the 504 Demonstrations of 1977 where Hale and other disability activists occupied the San Francisco Federal Building to demand equality for disability rights.

doubleFEATURE showcases the art of the short film and the artists who make them. Each week, in addition to presenting a selection of two or more short films, between the short films, Steve Feinberg, director of the RI Film and Television Office, and George Marshall, executive producer at RIIFF, interview filmmakers and industry professionals.

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