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Community Conversations: Teens and Tobacco UseCommunity Conversations: Teens and Tobacco Use

Community Conversations: Teens and Tobacco Use

Are you age 14 - 23? Do you smoke cigarettes? Do you vape (use e-cigarettes)? Do you chew tobacco? Do you use a hookah pipe? If so, let’s talk. Even if you don’t use tobacco, let’s talk about that, too. Community Conversation: Teens and Tobacco Use wants to hear your story.

Rhode Island PBS is launching a project to explore and present stories of adolescents and young adults who smoke or use tobacco products – and share these stories in their own words.


The format includes individual interviews and roundtable discussions, plus interviews with adult health and education professionals. The purpose of the conversations is to produce a show that will air this fall on Rhode Island PBS, and be distributed to middle and high schools.

Who Qualifies

Rhode Island PBS seeks young people, ages 14 to 23, from all different backgrounds: race, sexual orientation, religion, culture, family environment, financial status, etc. who are willing to share their stories and experiences with tobacco use.

What You Can Expect

With no coaching or counseling, no lectures or judgment, we want to hear your story. Think about the first time you smoked or used another tobacco product. When was that? How did you start, what were the circumstances of your first experience? Why do you continue? If you are underage, how do you get your cigarettes or other products? These are just a few of the questions we would like you to think about and answer.

Your story, along with stories of others, including adult health and education professionals, will be compiled into a 30-40 minute program.

More Information

Please feel free to talk to us. If you have questions before making your decision, please call the show’s producer, Kim Keough, at 401-222-3636 x226 or by email at production@ripbs.org.

Please note: all participants must sign a release form authorizing Rhode Island PBS to record your image and voice, and use your story and likeness on television and in the program DVD or other format. Participants under the age of 18 must have parental consent to be included in the production.  

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