Stephen Stills and Judy CollinsStephen Stills and Judy Collins

50 years ago, singer-songwriter Stephen Stills met singer-songwriter Judy Collins, known for her piercing ocean blue eyes. Their tumultuous love affair would later be immortalized by Stills with his composition “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” performed by Crosby, Stills & Nash on their landmark debut. Both artists would go on to shape modern music with visionary approaches, but Stills and Collins’ short fiery union remains a transformative era for the two artists.

This year, the two icons of folk will celebrate the golden anniversary of their formative time together. Their joint tour marks the first time ever Stills & Collins have been onstage together. For this once in a lifetime experience, the two music legends will pull from their rich catalogs, debut songs from their upcoming album, due out Summer of 2017, and share warm and intimate stories from their journeys and the1960s folk and Laurel Canyon scenes they helped build.

Rhode Island PBS has your opportunity to purchase great seats to see Stephen Stills and Judy Collins Live in concert at The Park Theatre on Saturday, October 7 at 8:00 pm.


Don’t forget to tune-in on August 31 at 8:00 pm for Judy Collins: A Love Letter to Stephen Sondheim only on Rhode Island PBS! For more information please visit The Park Theatre box office.

The Park TheatreThe Park Theatre

Ticket information:

$225 - Two tickets to see Stills & Collins live at the Park Theatre on October 7 (includes a 1-year membership to Rhode Island PBS)