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A message from David W. Piccerelli,


We are extremely grateful for your annual membership. It is your support that allows us to keep our commitment to provide Southeastern New England with outstanding television…programming that explores new places and ideas, broadens personal horizons, and enriches lives.  As a member, you share our dedication to the quality of life in our community.

That’s why I feel I can ask for your help again now.  You see, the annual membership gifts we receive aren’t always enough to support the full array of national and locally produced programs and services our community deserves and expects from Rhode Island PBS.  As we approach the end of our fiscal year - with costs of programs at a historic high and a persistently sluggish business climate - we must turn to loyal viewers like you to help us meet our financial projections.

Please consider making an additional contribution to help us close our year end financial gap and to boost our start to the next fiscal year. Your gift, combined with gifts from your neighbors – will go a long way in supporting the services we provide you.

Remember, gifts from you our members and viewers are our single largest fundraising source and we greatly appreciate your continued support.  To make your contribution now please click here or call us at 401-222-3636 x 209.

Thank you,
David Piccerelli

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