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Welcome to WSBE, Rhode Island's only public television station

WSBE has a proud tradition of producing and presenting award-winning content that spans the interests of preschoolers to senior citizens. True to our mission of engaging viewers of all ages since 1967, we look forward to bridging generations for years to come.

As television, we are Rhode Island's most accessible learning resource. We are committed to the principle of lifelong learning, and carry that message "beyond the box" into the community. With that commitment and our mission at our core, our vision is to help build a better and stronger community where:

  • The individual is inspired and empowered to achieve
  • Neighbors connect with each other and their community
  • The citizenry is informed and motivated
  • Perspective and understanding expand
  • Arts and sciences are appreciated, supported, and shared
  • Tradition is honored while new ideas are welcomed
  • Lessons of our past inform decisions about our future
  • Public discussion is open, fair, and respectful

You are the public in public television. Together, you and WSBE continue to make learning an enjoyable lifelong journey.


David W. Piccerelli and the WSBE Rhode Island PBS Staff

David W. Piccerelli, President
Phone: 401-222-3636